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Villa Corliano

Villa Corliano, though an estate of long history and tradition, is a young company, distinguished by its rigor and elegance. The union of tradition and modernity has brought to life the ambitious project of the Pancani family: to insure that quality and content are never separated, in either business or personal life. The limited quantity of bottles produced means that attention can be paid to the smallest of details in all phases of production, aiming at maximum quality. From vineyard to cantina, from grove to vat, a multidirectional line unites the hearts and minds of those who work and live in these places: love for the land, and passion for the wine

The Corliano estate is situated within the wine-producing area of Chianti in the Florentine hills. The Arno River, which runs along the foot of these silent hills, carrying with it the rich history and art from its passage through the city of Florence a few kilometers upstream, slowly flows into the meanders of the valley floor and marks the divide between this and another important wine-producing area, the "Carmignano". The logo that marks the products of the companies associated with the Florentine Hills  Chianti Consortium (Consorzio Chianti Colli Fiorentini) is the "Marzocco", the lion rampant that crowns the tower of Florence’s Palazzo Vecchio, its halberd ironically replaced by a goblet of wine.