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The Talis vineyards are nestled amidst a luscious landscape, cradled by the sea and sheltered from the winds by the Julian Alps, a terrain of lush and verdant hills that descend gently towards the sunny plains.  Talis takes its name from the Friulian dandelion which decorates the rows of vines and clings to the hillsides.

The group of growers who came together to make the label Talis each use their single origin grapes for the wines, thus resulting in a clear expression of the terrior while benefitting from the resources of a large facility used to vinify, bottle, and market the wines they produce.

Thanks to the expertise employed in the vineyards, there is minimal intervention in the wine cellar. The fermentation process is achieved using traditional methods complimented by the most advanced oenological knowledge. Vinification is carried out in steel, wood and cement vats at controlled temperatures.

Friuli-Venezia Giulia