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It was in the early 1900s that Giuseppe de Corato acquired the vast estate of Rivera and began to plant it with vines, olives and grain.  Fifty years later his son, Sebastiano founded the Azienda Vinicola Rivera with the intent of energizing and renovating the historic vineyards to adopt the era’s new practices and quality control. The drive for quality begins with the vineyard management of the 95 hectares under vine currently, focusing on low yields and proper harvesting. The vineyards are divided into three main sections:Torre di Bocca, Coppa, and Lama di Corvo. The first two are planted at elevations ranging from 200-220 meters on calcareous tufa soils; the last is higher up at 320-350 meters on rough rock for particularly fine expressions of the terroir through the ripening of white grape varieties and a few more delicate reds.