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Enrico Serafino

Cantina Enrico Serafino was founded in 1878 in Canale d’Alba, one of the main towns of the Roero district and a farming center with a long history that can be traced back to the early Middle Ages. Established by businessman and landowner Enrico Serafino, the winery soon became one of the most important in Piemonte and among the first to sell the region’s classic wines throughout Italy and abroad.

During the 1990s the production facilities were completely modernized and since 2002 the entire production process has been internally monitored and controlled using state-of-the art equipment for pressing, vinification and bottling.

Cantina Enrico Serafino's innovative spirit, which strives to develop production to express excellence in new ways, has given rise to a new project, conceived as a "cellar within the cellar" and called "Cantina Maestra”, after the old Via Maestra road that still runs through the centre of the little town of Casale.

The aim of the Cantina Maestra Project is a maximum valorisation of the Roero and Alta Langa area, the cultural epicenters of the historic roots of Piedmontese winemaking through the consulting of the top oenologists and agronomists, rigorous grape selection, and the maintaining of the essential characteristics  of the area in the wine produced.