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Cascina Castlet

The castle of Costigliole is the landmark of the city it overlooks, and the basis of longevity that Mariuccia Borio looks to replicate with her wines. Her story is linked to that of the local noble families: the Asinaris of San Marzano, the Verasis, the Medicis of Vascello, the Roràs.

Her project and goals have been simplified for the natural way she balances a respect for nature and the environment and, on the other hand, keeps the winery up to date technologically.

But simple does not mean easy. They have had to be adventurous at certain times, solid and down-to-earth at others; have had to make investments in land, technology and, above all, research, and the result is Cascina Castle’t.

Their strong female leadership and pride have led Cascina Castle't to offer striking bottles and labels, at times provocative, always moderate and elegant, bestowing on the customer a mark of individuality.