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Cantine Lupo

Cantine Lupo started with a belief in the terrior and the conviction that wine is the ideal way to exalt its quality.  In the 1990s, Cantine Lupo purchased a farmhouse located in Camoverde, a small village outside of Rome, between the slopes of the Colli Albani and Thyrrenian coast,  with the purpose of restoring and renovating the estate to house the winery and facilities.  They replaced all the vineyards and consulted oenolgist Claudio Gori and agronomist Daniele Vittorilli  to ensure proper restoration and replantings.

The selection of specific types of vines is both in line with the oenological vocation of Agro Pontino, but also satisfies a desire for innovation and originality; hence the decision to plant Syrah, Merlot, Vermentino, and Cesanese.