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Azienda Monaci di Severino Garofano

Azienda Monaci is the name of the agricultural sector of the holding “Li Monaci”, situated just outide the town of Copertino.  Owned by the family of Garfano, one of the foremost winemakers in Puglia, responsible for the majority of the international renown of the area,  the philosphy of the winery is based on a deep respect for tradition, translated into a modern approach thanks to the dynamism of the team involved in the wine business and the attention to the land which supports the making of top quality wines.

The land of Cupertino has, like most of Salento, soils of clay and limestone, and very little rainfall.   This warm, arid condition produces richly concentrated juice from the grapes and helps to concentrate the terrior in the flavours of the grapes.