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Our Wine Collection

Producer: Armin Kobler
Producer: La Ganghija
Producer: Viotti
Producer: Livio Voghera
Producer: La Scamuzza
Producer: Enrico Serafino
Producer: Cascina Castlet
Producer: Coine
Producer: Le Contesse
Producer: Scriani
Producer: Cabert
Producer: Talis
Producer: La Tunella
Producer: Gilda
Producer: Villa Corliano
Producer: Brancatelli
Producer: Tenuta Casteani
Producer: Caprili
Producer: Vasco Sassetti
Producer: Lilliano
Producer: Ravazzi
Producer: Villa Giulia
Producer: San Giacomo
Producer: PoggioAlto
Producer: Elisabetta
Producer: Il Grifo
Producer: Le Poggette
Producer: La Madeleine
Producer: Colle Moro
Producer: Cantine Lupo
Producer: Feudo Apiano
Producer: Vigna Pironti
Producer: Boccella
Producer: Torre A Oriente
Producer: Rivera
Producer: Terre di Giurfo
Producer: Costantino
Producer: Cantina Gallura
Producer: Domados
Producer: Sansilvestro

The Enoclassica portfolio represents about 55 regional grape varieties from all over Italy and has representation in almost all the regions. The strong, trusting relationships we develop with our producers helps us to grow as a company and take pride in watching their successes. Many of our suppliers are small, local families and the next generation of winemakers with a great lineage and incredible wealth of knowledge, experience, and tradition.

Our commitment to quality and value has helped us build confident relations with our customers and the public, creating an ever-developing market for our wines. The reach of Enoclassica Selections is always growing, currently having market space in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, and Texas. We are proud to showcase our selections here and please don't hesitate to ask should you have any questions on any of our products.